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For a Certified​ Pre-Owned Santinelli International Lens Edger

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Learn why not just any pre-owned santinelli lens edger can earn this title

Thoroughly Reconditioned

Santinelli Certified Pre-Owned Lens Edgers must be in excellent condition. That means using only certified Santinelli parts for any necessary mechanical repairs, as well as performing internal and external restorations to meet Santinelli standards.


All Santinelli Certified Pre-Owned Lens Edgers must pass a comprehensive 151-point inspection by a factory-trained technician. If any discovered flaws cannot be repaired to our standards, the lens edger will simply not be certified.  


Because every Santinelli Certified Pre-Owned Lens Edger is thoroughly reconditioned and meticulously inspected, we can comfortably sell them with a Santinelli one-year warranty. This, of course, is fully included in the purchase price. 

Santinelli advant-edge benefits

Those who acquire a Santinelli Certified Pre-Owned Lens Edger also enjoy the perks of Santinelli ownership, including:

Become "part of the family" and be assured of long-term quality results with a santinelli Certified Pre-Owned Lens Edger.


Santinelli international pre-owned equipment

Lens Edgers


  • On-Board Digital CAD Blocker
  • Innovative Multi-Frame Tracer
  • Auto and Guided Beveling & Grooving
  • Auto Safety Bevel
  • Next-Step Wizard-Guided Operation
  • Smallest Footprint


  • Optional Mini Cup 
  • Grooving & Safety Beveling 
  • Integrated Air Duct For Deodorization
  • High Precision 3D Frame Tracer 
  • Easy Shape Editor 
  • Soft Griding Mode


  • High Curve Bevel Processing 
  • Optional Nano Cup 
  • 3D Bevel Simulation 
  • Grooving 
  • Advanced Soft Grinding Mode 
  • Next-Step Information Bar

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