Fusion-UV Max Germicidal Irradiation (up to 12 Frames)

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FusionUV uses short wavelength of UV-C light to kill viruses. Light is emitted from two separate bulbs and is dispersed in an omnidirectional fashion due to the special chamber design. Industrial quality seals contain the UV-C light within the unit. An auto-shutoff switch terminates the cycle if the unit is accidentally opened, for the safety of the operator.

  • Disinfects 12 frames in 1.1 minutes

  • Disinfects KN95/N95 masks in approximately 3 minutes

  • Ships complete with 5 support rods and 2 UVC 36W bulbs

  • Exterior Dimensions: 23″ x 20″ x 11″

  • Weight: 20 lbs.

  • Bulbs last 8,000 hours or roughly 4 years of continuous use

Made in USA.


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1 review for Fusion-UV Max Germicidal Irradiation (up to 12 Frames)

  1. Carissa

    This is a larger unit and it has been a savior! Our office is high volume and there’s no way we could keep up without this. It is not only great for sanitizing glasses but also tools and other office items!

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