Manual Lensmeter

Manual Lensmeter

Manual Lensmeter w/ LED Light Crossline corona combination with internal reading. Auxiliary prism lens compensator 15A. Technical features: – ranges of diopter measurements: =/-25D – Minimum scale value: from 0 to =/-5D (in increments of 0.125D) from =/-5D to =/-25D (in increments of 0.25D) – astigmatic axis of cylinder lens: 0 – 180_minimum scale 5_- Prism refracting power: from 0 to 5_in increments of 1_ – regulation of ocular visibility: =/-5D – Size of lens: from _ 16 mm to _ 80 mm- tilting angle from 30_to 90_- lighting lamp: 15W Size:275 x 130 x 455mm Weight: 5.6 kg

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