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Masks Are Coming Back: What Does This Mean?

On July 27th the CDC advised all Americans to wear masks indoors and at public places again including people that are fully vaccinated. Along with that, it is advised for all students, teachers, and staff members in schools to be wearing a mask during in-person learning. This guideline came about because of the new Delta variant of COVID-19.

COVID -19 is spread through respiratory droplets which are projected when you cough, sneeze, talk and sing. The face mask acts as a shield to cover your mouth and nose from inhaling these droplets and slow down the spread. With the CDC stating the Delta variant has shown to be more contagious, masks are more important than ever. With schools opening five days a week for in-person learning soon, this is a major concern.

Wearing a face mask every day is going to come back and we need to prepare. Students, teachers, and staff members are going to have to wear them to be safe throughout the day. People who are not vaccinated are mandated to wear a mask and vaccinated people are highly recommended to wear the mask too because the Delta variant is spreading so rapidly. The CDC has found that even vaccinated people can still contract the virus and spread it, which makes wearing masks during school very important to instill good health in yourself and others.

A large population is still unvaccinated so wearing a mask would help better protect those who are and aren’t vaccinated. While being around many new people indoors all day, it is in everyone’s best interest to mask up this school year.

It can be a struggle wearing a mask with glasses. Foggy lenses are a distraction especially when trying to learn or teach at school. Your glasses can fog up every time you breathe and can make it very difficult to see and concentrate. However, there is a product called No Fog Cloth™ to help people fix these problems. You wipe your glasses once and you will be fog-free for hours.

The No Fog Cloth makes it easier for people who wear glasses to follow the important mask mandates without the annoyance of fogged-up lenses. Every little bit helps us get through the pandemic. So if we can avoid foggy glasses just by using the No Fog Cloth, let’s do it.