PAL Identifier
PAL Identifier

PAL Identifier w/ LED Light

The PAL Identifier with LED light tehcnology allows for easy identification of manufacturer’s markings, lens type, and added power on progressive lenses. This optical instrument is ideal for checking the values of a lens or to redefine the centers of a progressive lens for re-glazing. To use, simply place the lens or the frame with the lens onto the contrast base then lift it to the magnifier until you can read the manufacturer’s markings. Features:
  • High luminosity LED illumination
  • Adjustable inclination for improved reading
  • Pre-printed background to highlight contrast
  • Size: 143×145 x 220 mm
  • Maximum height (at highest extension): 255 mm (10″)
  • Weight: 0.66kg
  • Power supply: 110V (12V 1A with transformer)
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