Parallel Plier Tool Kit

Complete set of Parallel Pliers with two Silicone Stands

  • Parallel Temple Adjusting Plier
  • Parallel Inclination Plier
  • Parallel Flat Snipe Nose Plier
  • Parallel Holding Plier
  • Parallel Pressing Plier
  • Parallel Bushing Removal Plier
  • Parallel End Cutter
  • Parallel Side Cutter

Our parallel pliers are designed with an “Easy Move” functionality, creating a range of thinner, lighter and better performing laboratory pliers. Parallel-tipped pliers elevate performance with a micrometric approach and precision actions in the presence of different thicknesses.

By holding one handle still, in fact, the second handle moves accordingly by applying a balanced force not only at the tip.

Quantity: 8 pliers and 2 stands


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