Tinter, 6 Vat

Phantom Heating System 6 Vat lens Tinter with Starter Kit.

  • Fast heat-up time
  • Overflow channel to catch spilled chemicals
  • 6 quart (6x946ml) size standard system holds up to 12 mini tanks
  • 60°F – 250°F (15.55 to 121.1°C) temperature control
  • Copolymer housing for minimum heat radiation
  • Uniform temperature
  • Durable stainless steel heating elements, HTF tank, vats and lids
  • ETL approved • Heavy duty. Designed for production operations
  • Starter kit includes Opti-Safe Heat Transfer Fluid – 1 Gallon & 3 Quarts, Phantom Neutralizer 39X – 1 Quart, 6 Opti-Safe Lens Dye Packets – NO RED BLACK, BROWN, PINK, BLUE, YELLOW, GREEN, Opti-Safe UV Formula III dissolvable packet, Lens Holder, and 30 UV Pamphlets with a Display Holder.
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